Success is every man’s dream in the life we live. Everyone wants to be successful whether in education or the workplace. The primary goal of being successful is for people increase the likelihood of making their lives better. For individuals to showcase their full potential, they need to focus on career goals and essential skills. What causes success? Are those people we see as successful born with success being innate or are they trained or conformed into operations that lead them to be successful? The society has it that those that are successful are the ones who have gone an extra mile towards improving the way they do things or have gotten opportunities that no one had and made them successful. It also puts that if one has a perfect public image, he or she is supposed to be successful. The society notes people who are successful through various reasons or factors. I want to explain not the keys to being successful┬ábut the different social factors which include education, hard work, and cultural legacy that have caused individual success.


Research has shown that people become successful through hard work and teaching. Education is in the front line of personal success achievement. Through education, people gain skills that help them achieve and reach their goals quickly with formal knowledge application to their sources of income. If one is successful in education, the society has it that such people are most likely to succeed in their life. Gladwell says that the dogma that all children can learn has downgraded the responsibility of the native intelligence in the IQ tests. Education can bridge the gaps created by ethnicity and classes giving individuals an opportunity to focus on their success without the fear of competition. Education brings light to individuals. They can concentrate on the real issues and solve their problems intellectually. Joseph et. al. says that diversity of careers, individual profiles, and career mobility results in different career success.

However, Gladwell has included culture as a force that determines the success of an individual. People start various businesses, and their expectations are to be successful. However, there is the need for individual success. The society has also shaped the way people view success. The convention way of thinking in life has been that if you have a good start in life, then automatically you end up being successful. There has also been another notion that individuals who have been successful are the intellectual leaders as well as politicians. It has been put that, politicians live with such a claim so they can seize wealth and gain power in the name of helping others.

Cultural Legacy

The key focus remains on the social factors that contribute to individual success. Gladwell puts it that success is determined by the cultural factors as well as opportunities. As an individual, you may be bound by a certain culture that promotes a certain way of approaching your individual life as well as your business. In the layman understanding, success has been coined together with financial freedom meaning that if you have a lot of wealth, then you are successful. Various traditional practices have played a vital role towards achieving success.
The social classes in different diversified cultures have proofed to be among the leading factors towards individual success. According to Gladwell, it takes both the unmodifiable culture backgrounds and the natural gifts for one to be successful. Traditionally, people used to acquire distinct skills which are still applied in the modern world and has brought significant returns to those who have them. Gladwell gives a story about Rosetans who were immigrants from Italy. He says that Rosetans has low rates of heart disease and it has been justified by medical scientists and physicians. Various scholars concluded that this was neither brought by genes, location or exercise, but it was culture or what they called success in living. Cultural legacy as outlined in Gladwell’s book explains the scope of success in the wider world.

Hard Work

Additionally, hard work also contributes to individual’s success. When people climb the ladder of success faster than others, the society terms them as having “good luck.” They usually don’t attribute that success to hard work. The confusion about the above notion as a social factor towards individual’s success is because people don’t differentiate between opportunity and luck. Most individuals work an extra mile to see that they achieve what they have planned to do. Opportunities come once in a blue moon. People who take their chances and faces the risks when an opportunity arises, they are likely to succeed. Hard work is the major factor that contributes to individual success. When people work hard in their endeavors, success comes their way. However, it is not all time things will work well. Sometimes, one may fail to achieve what they wanted even though they worked hard to make it.
Additionally, education which fosters the enhancement of career success which in return builds the ladder of individual success needs hard work. Every aspect of one having the probability of achievement in their life must work hard. However, at times you might be the only one who has seen a certain opportunity in a particular area. This may give you the best platform to doing great things within that platform and be like Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. His opportunity into making to be the richest tycoons in the world was because he found an opportunity under rare circumstances and no one had ventured into that business.

Other Factors

There other fewer factors which might lead people to be successful. Having a positive attitude towards what you do in your life. If you work without fear, like Gladwell, you have a high probability that you will end up being successful. Being proficient in your field of operation gives individuals another chance of being successful. One needs to be committed to what they do, and that gives them a great opportunity for providing the best in what they do. Communication and socialization work ideal for individuals who have businesses. Through effective communication strategies, people can attract customers or followers into what they do which in return gives them a chance to stand successfully in that particular field of operation.
The major social factors towards individual success are education, hard work, and cultural legacy. People view success in a different way, but Gladwell has brought a new perspective towards how to view success. The primary focus is that success might be innate or naturally nurtured. Education has also geared towards success, but hard work must work hand in hand with whichever factor deems healthy towards individual success. If you work positively towards achieving your dreams in life, then success will come your way. However, if you relax and live it for the world to decide o what you can do to be successful, then you are likely to put a seal to a great downfall.

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