A Beggar of Pont De Bir-Hakeim

You cannot miss the Pont De Bir-Hakeim Bridge; almost half of the movies shot in Paris show the incredible views of the bridge. The engineer and architect who designed the bridge came up with one of the most beautiful bridges there is. The bridge is a two-story work; one for cars and bicycles, and for pedestrians, the other for the metro.

I could spend all day speaking about the bridge and its features, history, art, and masonry. To spare the details, I want to share a story I found interesting when I visited this place.

In my perception essay on beggars has always been that if they could put their persistence into a ‘better’ calling, then they could be highly successful. I acknowledge by saying, but refuse to give him money politely by stating that I wanted to help but did not have any cash; this seems to turn him off.

I then go ahead and ask him about what he needs, and this is the juncture he starts to explain to me about how he lost his parents and was abandoned by his entire family, who did not pay for his studies anymore. I always prefer giving them food to money, so I hand him over some snacks I had bought as we engage in a handy conversation about the following;

  1. Life

After the guy takes me through his life, I am empathetic, and can only imagine the struggle. I tell him that life is about choosing it, and not settling for it. He settled to be a beggar, but he may as well have chosen his life if he decided to move on from his problems and look for something to such as volunteering, and looking for jobs which do not require too many certifications.

I talk to him about how he should be thinking about starting a family, being of ripe age, and how if he continues to live in the street, he may as well never have a generation after him. I show him the essence of choosing one’s life, and he promises to look for any jobs as a start.

  • Poverty

The real tragedy the poor people have is the poverty of their aspirations. I let the Cheer know that poverty should be the most significant motivating factor in his life. If he wants to achieve everything he ever dreamt of, it was high time he put aside his brokenness and got up on a different foot to go for what he wanted.

Coming from a poor background is never an excuse for begging, and I give him examples of great people who have made it in life and have topped the list of the rich regardless being from poor backgrounds or one being beggars. He seems convinced, and I am hoping he sees my side of the story.

  • Death

Death is a tragedy, I start by letting him know that it is not the biggest loss in this life, but what dies inside of us. While he was thinking that he was trying to live through begging, he was learning how to die. The dangerous weather conditions, sicknesses, and all the mysteries that come in the street have killed many, and I exemplify that to him.

Throughout this entire time, I do not intend to threaten him, but to give him a glimpse of what life is about. Dying on the street is the last place anyone would like to die. I let him know that he should awaken what is already dead inside him before the physical act takes the position. We then part ways after what seems to have been a constructive conversation, and I walk away; hopeful that he may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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