Black Girls Mission

Yeah, you heard us, we are not afraid of expressing issues that are important to us through our words. Inspired by the words of the famous British writer, actor, poet, and playwright, “the pen is mightier than the swords,” I seek to create social awareness about discrimination and sexual abuse facing women of color.

My name is Katie Otis, affectionately going by the name Katie O, born and raised in Houston, Texas, skilled with the ability to write. I am a twenty-four-year-old, journalist graduate from a small town in the outcast of Atlanta, Georgia. I am the author of Black Girls write, a blog that is inspired by my childhood and hometown.

Atlanta is among the most dangerous city in America with high rates of theft, rape and violent crimes, and the home for civil rights movements in America. It is fair to say I have witnessed the extremes of the city, that is good and the worst. The memories have pushed me into writing stories about marginalized people being forced around by influential persons.

As a blogger, I aim to end the gender disparity, racial discrimination and promote social cohesion. Bringing people together and advocating for equity. I share the dream of reaching middle school students, police officers, youths, local leaders (political and religious) into creative and productive citizens. I believe the problems we face today of racial and gender discrimination are not new; we have a great idea of what works and what doesn’t, why not engage people from all levels to promote community growth?

I write stories that encourage and educate women of color about the complexity of being a black woman. I explore our African ancestry in hopes to understand better about who we are and what we wish to be.  I aim to raise the discord surrounding black women and girls.

Aside from history and self-discovery stories, I am engaging the audience around fashion, food, and beauty. When I am not blogging, I meet friends and potential friends for coffee as I sample new blends of coffee and pastries. With the continued support from family and close friends, I hope to launch a book in the near future. I hope the book will empower women towards self-love, self-esteem, and gratitude. Ultimately, my prayer is to plant a seed of power in your hearts as you appreciate the present and reflect of the past.