Racism is still a significant issue in America. According to a survey conducted by NBC News, three-quarters of racial discrimination cases are against blacks. Sadly, the problem is not getting enough attention. Racism had been spreading since the colonial era, whites enjoying more privileges and rights in matters of education, voting rights, land acquisition, and criminal justice.

An article on the Independent reported a woman who was taped to a chair for speaking out about racism in the office. The woman who was working at a Scottish government agency, claims she was gagged and warned against speaking about racism culture. She was subjected to harassment and horrendous behaviors, an office culture that constantly harasses female staff.

Others will argue that since Trump became president, discrimination and violence against the blacks has increased exponentially. However, it is not true, racial and criminal justice disparities have been in existent for decades. Some of the high-profile cases involving the blacks being killed by the police like Philando Castile in Minnesota or Michael Brown in Ferguson among others.

The culture of racism has led to increased crime rates. The minorities are acting back by involving themselves in violence and resentment towards the privileged. We need to create socioeconomic fairness to build relationships among diverse people.

Sexual Discrimination

Every gender is at the risk of sexual discrimination, but women are more likely to be harassed than men. The act is more pronounced at the workplace as women are expected to juggle work, children, and husbands. Moreover, women are paid less to do the same job men are paid more to do. Despite women being great at the job, male counterparts silence our ideas.  Unfavorable treatment is unlawful and not acceptable.

Speak Up

Courtesy is not consent, stand up and grab opportunities. Speak out when in doubt, ask questions up front. Lean into your weakness and core them up. Afraid of speaking in public? Start small by making a presentation before your team. Ask for what you want, a raise, a client, that new office, maternity leave. You have a right like any other employee or citizen. Learn to say no when you feel overloaded with work or undermined. They will not know what you are thinking or feeling unless you speak out.

The Ultimate Goal

The purpose of the blog is to bring an end to the racial disparities and sexual violence and to promote social cohesion. I aim to educate my readers about the community and its members. Bring together policymakers, students, youths, and leaders in efforts to improve our community. The vision will only be possible if we get involved in community developments, social programs, and advocacy.

It is not easy to roll back community beliefs that I grew up with that appears to be acceptable to many. As a result of learning journalism, I dare to voice the challenges of my people. To help them identify with their struggles and not get involved with the issues. Famous, accomplished women of color did not get where they are because of lack. They were strong and gracefully handled difficulties as they came.

The blogs seek to examine how gender and sexuality affect our attributes, social arrangements, and economic growth. I talk about history and use practical experience to educate and empower the community.  As a black woman, you should not struggle about fashion or hair. The hair as kinky as it is, it’s beautiful, and you should wear it proudly.

Whether you visit my blog for a few minutes or spend the next hours, there is something to catch your interest. I appreciate you all.