Social interaction can be said to have evolved in the modern century. Part of the reason for this is that people have rapidly intermingled and then technology has made the world a global village. As people continue to intermingle, various issues such as sexism, racism and class oppression have taken toll. Sociology experts have tried to explain these issues in terms of schools of thought such as conflict theory, which explains them  in terms of competition for resources, structural functionalism – which explains the relationships between institutions like government, education and justice – among many other theories that explain why things are the way they are. Black feminist theory is one theory that ascribe to a thought known as intersectionality, that presupposes that issues like sexism, racism, gender identity and class oppression are related to each other.

To understand the black feminist theory, one may need to follow up on the history as well as the trends in sexual harassment, discrimination and job discrimination against the black people in America. Therefore, in some way, Black feminism is used to refer to both men and women from the African-American descent; who ascribe to feminists ideals. Essentially, black feminists champion the fight to call for the equality of Black women, both as African Americans, and as women in general.

The theory first recognizes that there is inequality based on the gender roles, and then extends this inequality to explain class oppression and racial victimization. In summary, Black feminism tends to explain and fight racial discrimination against the Black race, and essentially recognizes that gender identity is a factor that contributes to the victimization of black women.

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