With over five billion people across the globe, we are deemed to have different cultural, religious and racial backgrounds. However, a significant percentage of the world’s population does not appreciate diversity and integration of different races in one community or workplace. As a result, cases of racial discrimination have been on the rise in the recent past. Racial discrimination is the unfair treatment of people base on their racial background. Race can be denoted in terms of hair, eye, and skin color among others. Generally, the dominating race views the other as being inferior hence deserve less attention and respect. Racial discrimination has had its past from slavery in the United States (US) among other evil institutions against racial classification. The intention is to discuss the scope, nature, and effect of racial discrimination in the US.

The principle of racial discrimination anywhere across the world is always based on the fact that a target ethnical group of people is singled out. The group being singled out is normally made up of the minorities who are not accorded equal opportunities and are generally treated worse. Discrimination in general would have described the sexual, racial, and gender-based discrimination. As a result, in the US alone, there is a strong sense of discrimination against the white Americans and the black African-Americans.  In the American case, the racial sensitivities of these two races date back from slavery.

Slavery was abolished in 1864 after the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The abolition ended the inhuman institution that started in South Virginia in the plantations. The end of slave trade gave a new leaf to the black Americans with the hope of beginning a new life in an equal platform with the settlers. However soon after the enacted of the law, the Jim Crow laws surfaced. These laws operated under the notion “Equal but separate.” The law meant that although the races were deemed to be equal, they were expected to be in different sites and locations across the states. With little government intervention, the laws took action and the blacks and whites never interacted in social gatherings. In fact, the whites had their schools, eating places and public transport. The vice versa was also true.

With the enactment of the law, segregation became real as discrimination intensified. To make matters worse, inequality was being felt at every corner of the situation. For instance, the black schools were allocated the poorest of teachers while the priority was given to the white people. In a Supreme Court case held in 1954 of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, the judge rules that separation was tantamount to being unequal. Since, then there has been a rift between the two dominant races in the United States of America (USA).


In the modern day, racial discrimination between these two races can be felt. With the recent injustice over young black men by the police, it can be seen as a serious effect in the society. Over the past decade, white police officers have been harassing black boys in the streets over suspicion of dealing in drugs and guns. Over the recent years, this scenario has graduated to killing innocent boys in cold blood on the streets. With little or no evidence many black souls have been lost due to the soaring lift with a racial twist. As a result, numerous demonstrations have taken place across different states such as New York and Chicago with protestors calling for government intervention and justice for all. These scenarios have led to the movement dubbed “Black lives matter (BLM)” which is a campaign against systematic racism and violence directed towards the black community. The campaign became a national movement after the killing of Trayvon Martin, a teenager who was killed by George Zimmerman and his acquittal.

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