Racial discrimination has been on the rise to alarm levels in the European country, France. Despite the effort of the government to denounce the presence of any minority group due to equal right laws, racial discrimination continues to be evident in the country against the Jews as well as the black people. Unlike, the American cases, the French have an additional religious but also racial discrimination within its people.

While liberty of law has been an important milestone in the history of France, marked by the 1905 enactment, discrimination of the Jewish community is present in the country.  The Jews have continued to be looked down upon since the Dreyfus Affair. The affair encompassed around Alfred Dreyfus who sold secret military information to the German in 1895 and was, therefore, set for treason. However, in the following year the Commander Esterhazy, the real perpetrator was found guilty with available evidence. But despite this, he was acquitted by the Supreme Court. Dreyfus, thus, took advantage of the plagued situation in France to seek assistance from the President of the Senate assembly. His effort bore no fruit and he feel victim to the anti-Semitic discrimination. It was until eleven years later that he was found innocent and was acquitted.

In the same fashion, the black slave trade led to the discrimination against the people of color. Even though King Louis the X affirmed that the French jurisdiction frees any slaves that touches the ground, slave trade came to pace after the price of Tobacco fell. As such, the farmers went to their immediate alternative which was in the sugar plantation. Soon afterwards, the black people substituted the “engages” in search of cheap labor due to the unfavorable market at the time. Within a short while, King Louis XIV established the “Black Code” which provided a list of laws against the black community. Some of the laws states that the African descendants were not allowed to own property and were also declared to be “movable.” This meant that they could be sold as a commodity from one generation to another through auction.


In France, the racial discrimination has been spread to the modern day with a multiplied intensity. With the recent case in the just completed EURO 2017, racial claims made highlights on the public figures from France of the under presentation of players from Northern Africa. The instance raised attention as Karim Benzema feel victim to the racial discrimination from Didier Deschamps. His denial in the league was questioned considering his performance in the club level as he plays for Real Madrid. Eric Cantona, a Manchester United legend came to his rescue as he accused Didier Deschamps for racism. Coincidentally, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, was recorded on national television uttering that the French football league had too many Africans and Jews from Roma.

In the same manner, black people are finding difficulty when applying for job in the country. Most of the French employees prioritized on employing “their own” while the people of color are left to operate on casual jobs where they are underpaid.  Generally, France has a negative attitude and reception towards any foreigners, immigrants, and racial minorities. Even though their rights are represented in the law, it implementation is unfair as the judges give partial judges where the international community has been concerned. In the recent past, the trend has also advanced to Islamophobia where the Muslim community is also being discriminated. In fact, the Islamic community is prohibited from public worship in Mosques. This has come after the continued series of terror attacks by the Arab sympathizers against the country.

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